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We understand that the loss of a loved one is a difficult time. So at Charlton's we try to make it as simple as possible to find the most fitting tribute. 

Most funeral tributes fit into three categories. All shapes like hearts, letters and more. 




Based work is a block colour of chrysanthemum heads, naturally provided in white, yellow or pink.(However we can spray paint this to any suitable colour) 

Based tributes come with either a ribbon or foliage edge, with complementary top sprays.

Tributes that looked best in a based style are; letters, hearts, pillows and cushions.  

Loose tributes have a mixed greenery base and a selection of flowers in any colours that you would like. 

Loose tributes give a more natural overall finish and will provide a wider selection of flowers and foliage's. 


Tributes that look best loose are; wreaths and posies. However, all based tributes can also be made in this style but shapes such as hearts do not look as crisp in this style.

Spray tributes come as either single or double ended.


A single ended spray is the shape of a tear drop whereas, the double ended is the shape of a diamond. 

These are more commonly used as the tribute displayed on top of a coffin or casket. Sprays are also in the "loose" style but can be made in a wild or uniformed style. 

Another type of tribute under the spray category is the spray in cellophane, which is a bouquet laid flat protected by a cellophane cover. This a great all round tribute if you are unsure what to send.

Personal touches and additional services 

There are more ways than you think of making a tribute very special. 


Novelty Designs 

Coffin Dressing

Across any based tribute and most loose tributes, we can attach a personalised ribbon which is handmade in store.

This is a great way to personalise a tribute at a lower cost. 

We all have our hobbies, to make a tribute extra special bring their hobby to life in the medium of flowers. 

How about having their favourite horse, beverage or sport represented in flowers?

If your after a more minimalist, personal look, why not have us dress the coffin in flowers or foliage's.


We will arrange this with your undertaker and carry out the work the morning of the funeral for a fresh finish.  

Love you forever...

Another service we provide is cemetery delivery. If you provide us of a map of the church yard and a list of special dates, we will deliver all year round to their plot. 

This is great if you live far away from your loved ones as we will send photographic confirmation of your tribute in place. 

Browse our gallery to see our previous work...

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